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HP Launches A New Suite Of Software Tools Aimed At Business Users

HP has rolled out a new suite of security and service tools to make it easier for organisations to manage and run applications on the cloud.

According to the company, the new HP Application Portfolio Management (APM) software-as-a-service platform will allow IT administrators to decide which applications to keep and which to throw out.

Essentially, admins will be able to quickly weed unwanted or outdated out of their system. The platform will allow admins to manage their entire portfolio of applications, HP says.

“What happens is that companies develop and acquire new applications but never get rid of the old ones. CIOs will tell you they have too many apps. Most would agree they have twice the number they need,” Pual Evans, the global head of application transformation at HP's Enterprise Business, said in a statement (;jsessionid=hGYEACG4Z0p7H5Fxz76XfQ**.ecappj01 (opens in new tab)).

The company also released the new Application Security Center (ASC) which will allow clients to protect their Web applications from security threats by using combination of scanning tools and threat intelligence reports.

The tool also comes integrated with the Fortify 360 source code analyser which analyses application code during runtime to give a detailed software status health report.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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