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iPhone Apps Generate Most Revenue, Android Gets Most Ad Views

Millennial Media (opens in new tab) has come up with new figures in terms of the money making capability on different mobile operating systems, looking at revenue from apps as well as number of ads viewed.

Regarding revenue from apps iOS leads the pack, generating 47 per cent of the total, while Android apps come in second generating 37%. These numbers are expected to change in Android’s favour in the coming years, due to the rate of devices adopting the open-source OS. Symbian, Windows Phone, WebOS and other minor OS together account for just a tenth of application revenue. BlackBerry is in third, with 7 per cent.

As far as ad impressions are concerned, Android clearly leads the way, with almost half the total amount from last month being viewed on Google's mobile OS. Ads on devices such as the iPod and tablet PCs have also seen a large growth in terms of ad views, with a 21 per cent month-on-month growth, now up to 17 per cent of the total mobile advertising market.

The analysis even revealed which type of phone had seen the most ad impressions. As one might expect, touchscreen devices are on top, with 59 per cent, followed by keyboard + touchscreen phones 17 per cent, 13 per cent of ads are seen on keyboard feature phones while the “oldie” phones, with classic keypad accounted for 11 per cent.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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