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iPod To Get Carbon Fiber, iPhone And iPad Next In Line?

Apple could start making its iPhone, iPad and iPod devices out of carbon fiber, having called up an expert, Kevin Kenney, who used to work for a company making light-weight durable bikes, to the new position of Senior Composite Engineer.

“Jobs is pushing hard to get WiFi syncing into the next-generation of iPods,” an anonymous source told Cult of Mac (opens in new tab). “They’ve tried multiple different body designs and materials to get it to work well, but it’s been slow going. They have, however, found many improvements using a carbon fiber design.”

Carbon fiber is known to be a very strong yet lightweight material, used in aircrafts and Fromula One cars. Over time, metal and plastic will slowly disappear from production cycles, as carbon fiber will shows its obvious advantages. Although, it could take more than 3 years before we could see this technology applied on a large scale.

Today’s Apple devices are mostly manufactured out of stainless steel, glass and aluminum. If carbon fiber technology proves itself to be a success with iPods, then there are good chances that the next iPhone and iPad models could have the technology incorporated, as well.

At first, it will be applied for wireless syncing, but, knowing its resistance and light weight, it could serve as a protecting housing for other upcoming products.

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