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Microsoft Announces Newest Windows Phone Codenamed Mango

Microsoft officially unveiled the next version of Windows Phone, code-named Mango, at the MIX11 conference in Las Vegas.

The upcoming Windows Phone will bring new features like multi-tasking and better power management to the fledgling smartphone platform.

Microsoft said that developers will finally be able to exploit their smartphone's camera data, geo-location, ringtones, compass, gyro-sensors and user contacts to make interactive and intuitive applications.

In a presentation during the MIX11 conference, Scott Gurhtie, the head of Microsoft's corporate developer division, said that the new operating system will make the applications run faster, utilise less memory and go easy on the ssmartphone's battery life ( (opens in new tab)).

Developers will also be able to allow users to pin their applications to the tile-like home screen interface that comes with the OS. Microsoft demonstrated a Qantas airline app that was see pinned to the tiles, offering one-touch access to vital flight information.

Microsoft also plans to introduce the Internet Explorer 9 web browser to Windows Phone. Microsoft ran live speed tests, comparing IE9 on WP with the web browser on iPhone 4 and the Android web browser running on the Nexus S. Predictably, WP7 won.