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Microsoft Kinect SDK For XBOX 360 To Be Available Spring This Year

Software giant Microsoft has officially announced the Kinect for Windows SDK, which will allow developers to develop Kinect apps for PCs.

Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing peripheral, launched for the Xbox 360 gaming console, allows one to play video games and navigate the console without touching the controller.

Kinect had become an instant hit, selling 5 million units within two months of its launch and eventually becoming the fastest selling consumer device in history. The amazing technology that comes with the peripheral had prompted hacker enthusiasts to crack Kinect and explore the possibility of using it for desktop PCs.

Microsoft was at first apprehensive about unauthorised jailbreaks to its beloved Kinect but had then warmed up to the possibility of releasing an official Kinect SDK kit to encourage developers to come up with amazing Windows apps that exploit Kinect.

After months of waiting, Microsoft has finally announced that it will be releasing a beta version of the SDK on May 16th, giving developers official access to the technology behind Kinect. Microsoft is touting 'robust skeletal tracking' which allows Kinect to track the movement of up to 2 individuals within its range, as the main feature of the SDK.

The company will also be giving away Kinect boxes to developers at the MIX11 forum in Las Vegas.