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Nintendo Wii Price Cuts Likely Claims Report

The Nintendo Wii gaming console is likely to have a price cut in May, a report claimed.

Referring to unnamed sources, the tech website Engadget revealed that the much sought after game console will undergo a price cut likely to be effective from May 15th, hence making it available for $150 only.

There was already a fair bit of speculation going about Nintendo lowering the price of its Wii console.

Earlier this February, analyst Michael Pachter in his research note, predicted that due to a decrease in the demands of these products, all three console makers were likely to be forced to bring down the prices of their respective products.

"After maintaining console prices at historically high points throughout 2010, all three console manufacturers appear to us to be poised for price cuts in 2011," Pachter said in a statement.

There are also those who think that this recent price cut was not exercised by the console giant just to increase their sales figure, but is in fact a part of their well thought out strategy prior to the release of the E3- the new console from the Nintendo family line.

In yet another attempt to increase their fan base, Nintendo is targeting the non-gaming community with advertisements featuring Helen Mirren, the famous British actor.