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No iPhone 5 Production Roadmap From Apple Yet

The iPhone 4 is still selling very well in all the markets where it’s available. This means that its selling period could be protracted, thus putting paid to all the rumours predicting the iPhone 5 to be delivered this summer.

DigiTimes reports that none of Apple’s partners have received information regarding the production of the upcoming iPhone 5. Apparently, Apple hasn’t signed even one contract for internal components distribution nor has it delivered any documents to let its partners know about iPhone 5 being launched this year.

Apple has not yet released a production roadmap for iPhone 5 as shipment volumes of iPhone 4 have continued to mount and related suppliers are not yet ready to shift their production lines for new products, according to sources at Taiwan-based touch panel makers”, the Taiwanese newspaper reports.

There are speculations that iPhone 5 will have a totally new design and quite a few components changed. However, it seems that Apple hasn’t yet managed to solve all the technical issues; therefore it’s safe to say that it could be launched in 2012.

The company is not making any official statement and there are obvious reasons for that: if the release date is announced, they will not sell too much of the current version of the iPhone and the competition will know what the deadline for their high-end projects should be.