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Nokia Announces That It Will Support The Symbian OS Until At Least 2014

Nokia is not going to abandon its legacy Symbian mobile operating system anytime soon, or at least not till 2014, the company revealed.

Chris Carr, the managing director of Nokia Australia said that due to contractual obligations the company will continue supporting Symbian phones currently on the market until two years after their launch date. He also said that Nokia will continue with the production of its new Symbian phones at least until 2012.

"There's still a lot of ongoing development with Symbian, the two will co-exist. We've invested a lot of money in Symbian," said Carr. "It's not unusual in the industry to have multiple OS strategies," he continued, according to reporters in Australia (

In February the company made a deal with Microsoft to power its phones with Windows 7 OS from 2012 onwards, though Carr also pointed out that Nokia had no intention of tying itself exclusively to the Redmond-based tech giant.

Advantages of the deal are already showing as Nokia decided to adopt an upgraded MS Exchange Server Client and Communicator for its new businesses. Nokia's use of the Symbian operating system has been blamed by many as the reason it has lost mobile marketshare.