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Opera 11.10 Code Named Barracuda Launched

Opera has come up with a new version of its desktop browser, Opera 11.10 aka Barracuda.

According to the company, the new browser will be more efficient in terms of speed, thanks to its Turbo traffic compression service, and will also expand the browser’s speed dial interface, thus allowing the users quick access to their favourite websites.

The browser is supported by almost all the major operating systems including Windows, Linux, as well as Mac. Opera 11.10 also comes with the new version of the company’s Presto rendering engine, which also happens to support the WebP - the open source “JPEG Killer” from Google.

Opera claims that the inclusion of the WebP in the new Opera 11.10 has resulted in an increase in its browsing speed without compromising with the image qualities. In fact, as claimed by various sources from inside the company, the image qualities in this latest browser will be much better than its predecessors which were not equipped with the WebP component.

“(WebP) promises to significantly reduce the byte size of photos on the web, allowing web sites to load faster than before." search engine giant Google had said in a statement when launching the in-browser component.

It will be interesting to see how this new effort by Opera is greeted by the market, especially at a crucial time when the new versions of its rival Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 are. about to hit the market.