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Operating System For HP's Newest Tablet Leaked

A developer has leaked the webOS 3.0 SDK, giving vital insights into the revamped operating system that will feature on HP's upcoming TouchPad tablet PC device.

The SDK, which also features an emulator, was available in an early-release version to developers signing up to make apps for the platform. One such developer has leaked the SDK to PreCentral ( (opens in new tab)), which wasted no time in giving the low down on the much-awaited tablet and smartphone OS.

In a video posted on the blog, the OS's interface is being navigated with a mouse, establishing the beta nature of the SDK. The OS features the familiar home screen, which comes with the Just Type option, on-touch access to mail, browser and calender, along with the app menu.

The Just Type options feature a virtual keyboard and a list displaying recent searches, allowing users to conduct searches within the phone. The SDK also reveals that the OS comes with a new three-panel email view, easily customisable browser windows and a notification system.

The OS features Microsoft's Bing Maps, instead of Google Maps, and a built-in Facebook photo album access. HP also plans to include the QuickOffice productivity app as it's targeting business users with the tablet.