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T-Mobile Offers Unlimited Plan With Reduced Rates For Reduced Bandwidth

T-Mobile USA has unveiled its new plan offering its smartphone users unlimited data, calls and texts at a significantly reduced price, if they're willing to accept slower download speeds.

The new plan would cost customers $79 per month, down from $99 for the original unlimited data plan. The difference is that downloads speeds would drop after 2 GB of usage, as opposed ot the 5 GB offered in the original plan. T-Mobile claims that most of its users only go through about 1 GB per month. The offer, which includes voice calls and text messaging, is believed to be a response to intense competition over smart phone packages.

T-Mobile adapted this new strategy after a growing demand from its users for a unlimited browsing and downloading scheme. Experts believe that this new scheme is meant to extend the unlimited data plan to as many customers as possible while minimizing the cost of upgrading servers and networks (

This move is in line with other telecoms attempts to restrict data usage by customers who have become accustoemd to unlimited access. Eariler, AT&T terminated all its unlimited plans last year saying that a majority 98% of its smartphone users never consumed more than 2GB data in a given month.