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Toshiba Release Self-Encrypting Self-Deleting Hard Drives

Toshiba has unleashed a new series of self encrypting hard disk drives with Wipe technology that is capable of automatically deleting data if stolen.

The company said that the HDDs come with a component that erases the data if connected to an unknown host. Toshiba's new HHDs will allow device makers to configure the hard drives with data invalidation policies for various end-user environments, explains Computer World ( (opens in new tab)).

The Toshiba Mkxx61GSYG family of HDDs is targeted at PCs, laptops and printers in government, financial and medical sectors where data security is of utmost importance. The HDDs will be available with storage space ranging from 160GB to 640GB and will permanently encrypt the data in case of theft by deleting the cryptographic keys that are used to access the data stored on the device.

“Digital systems vendors recognize the need to help their customers protect sensitive data from leakage or theft. Toshiba's security technologies provide designers of copiers, printers, PCs, and other systems with new capabilities to help address these important security concerns,” Scott Wright, a product manager in Toshiba's Storage Device Division, said in a statement to Computer World.

The company plans to release samples of the HDDs to OEMs by the end of this month with mass production starting in June.