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UK Adoption Of Superfast Broadband Set To Pass The Quarter Million Mark

UK is gradually embracing super fast broadband services, a new study has revealed.

A report published by broadband analyst Point Topic ( (opens in new tab)) has shown that the number of next generation broadband connections in the country could well pass the quarter-of-a-million mark this month.

The study further revealed that only 1 percent of households in the country have superfast broadband connections, defined as 25 Mbps or more.

Point Topic also predicted that the next generation connections could pass its predecessor's record, the first generation broadband connection which grew exponentially from narrow usage to an overwhelming 13 million users in just 5 years.

Point Topic chief analyst Tim Johnson said in a statement, "It's dangerous just to assume that history will repeat itself but it's still a good pointer to what will happen to super-fast broadband in this decade."

Expressing the government’s view on these development, communication Minister Ed Vaizey said, "the Government is investing over £500m in taking superfast broadband to everyone. I am delighted that Fujitsu along with Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Cisco share the Government's vision.”