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UK Home Secretary Theresa May Authorised Mass Surveillance Of Airline Passengers

British Home Secretary Theresa May has come under scrutiny from privacy watchdogs after the controversial disclosure that she allegedly authorised the mass surveillance of all European air passengers.

The revelation was made by the website last week. It states that Theresa May played a crucial role in advocating other countries from the continent to boost up the data collection process of their air passengers.

The report also revealed how Ms May allegedly convinced 17 of 27 EU member states last Monday on the issue, a clear violation of her own promise to Britons that she would roll back the database.

Article 29, which is made up of representatives of the data protection watchdogs from each of the European Union’s 27 member states, European Commission and European Data Protection Supervisor strictly opposed the stand taken by Ms May on moral as well as legal grounds.

The working party expressed its views by saying, "The fact that the purpose of the proposal is the prevention of terrorism and serious crime does not mean it clearly complies with these requirements; the necessity and proportionality have still to be proven."