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White iPhone 4 finally on sale within weeks

After a ten-month wait, and rumours which emerge on a seemingly daily basis, the fabled White iPhone 4 could finally be on the horizon.

Or the report on Bloomberg could be just another white elephant based, as it is, on those elusive 'people with knowledge of the plans', who probably live next door with those 'people familiar with the matter'.

Secret sources aside, Bloomberg is not well known for crying wolf, being full of sober-minded business types as it is, rather than the usual drooling Apple fanboys.

If the rumour turns out to be true, it could also add weight to the assumption in certain circles that the Cupertino company could be delaying the release of the next-generation iPhone 5 beyond the usual June window until September.

Quite how many people (or girls according most predictions) are still holding out for the white version remains to be seen, but if the release does finally happen, Apple will obviously be hoping to reinvigorate sales which are still fairly strong by all accounts.

The last official word from Apple came from marketing supremo Phil Schiller who tweeted that the white iPhone 4 would ship in spring, which still just about fits.

General consensus in the tech world has it that Apple's manufacturing partners have been struggling to develop a paint tough enough to withstand the heat of an iPhone running at full tilt, and opaque enough to stop light from the inbuilt flash unit leaking into the device's camera lenses.

Frankly, we hope the rumours turn out to be true so we can stop writing about the damned thing every five minutes.