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Xoom Tops iPad 2 And PlayBook In Web Speed Tests

The iPad 2, BlackBerry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom, among the top tablets available at the moment, were put to some web speed tests by Cnet (opens in new tab). The websites used to measure the web-loading speeds were,, and

Although we can’t count these as being official results, it was interesting to see that the Motorola Xoom performed slightly better than the iPad2. RIM’s PlayBook was almost two times slower than the Xoom, for what reason is uncertain, as both tablets have full flash support.

Could it be another proof for Android’s efficacy? Though we also know that PlayBook is able to run Android-based applications.

The PlayBook registered the highest brightness; unfortunately that translates to a high “black level” so the contrast isn't quite as high. Again, the Motorola Xoom takes top spot in the contrast ratio indicator, leaving the iPad 2 in second, getting the silver medal in most of the tests.

Even if this was a relatively quick and general test, it gave us the chance to have a look at a few things, especially the Motorola Xoom, which performed quite well. The recently launched BlackBerry tablet is some way behind the Xoom and iPad though quite possibly, the next tablet will be much faster.

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