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£79.95 Philips HTS3510 Home Theatre System With 5.1 Channel Speakers And DVD Player

The PHILIPS HTS3510 home theatre system comes with a 5.1 channel speaker and a DVD player, in a sleek black design.

The home theatre system from Philips includes a powerful sub woofer designed to give a cinema like experience in the living room. The entertainment set comes with equally impressive satellite speakers that deliver superior sound quality.

The Philips HTS3510 comes with a 300-watt amplifier bringing greater control over the audio and sound out of the system.

The DVD player accompanying the 5.1 channel speakers, sub-woofer and amplifier, comes with up-scaling capabilities to 1080p for high-definition video. The player is tested to enhance the picture quality of a DVD.

Even though the player lacks Blu-Ray support, it makes up by offering support for a wide range of media formats. The player supports CD, DivX CDs, and VCDs to deliver a great media experience in a lot of ways.

Philips has also thrown in a USB port, allowing users to attach their USB drives and view their favourite photos and videos on their TV. The player also comes with an HDMI port that brings greater connectivity options for the users.

The PHILIPS HTS3510 home theatre is available for £79.95 from Richer Sounds.