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The Best iPad 2 Data Package Ever : 90p Per Month On T-Mobile

T-Mobile has introduced a 'pay as you go' deal that will be ideal for those looking for a no-strings-attached package that offers all the bang without going bust.

Their iPhone 4 MicroSIM card costs £5 and gives you one year free internet worth £40 when bought with £10 top-up. You also get 100 free anytime minutes to UK networks for the following month, when you top up £10.

Even better, if you collect the SIM card instore, you only need to pay for the top-up which will cost you £10 or just over 80p per month.

Even £40 for 12 months internet is worth considering when your deal expires after 12 months. Since it is a microSIM model, it can also be used in the iPad 2 and you can use it in any phone or tablet simply by using the appropriate adaptor.

T-Mobile operates a 500MB allowance for streaming videos as well as uploading and downloading files. We're not sure whether that applies to tethering and VoIP applications as well.

The good news is that you will not be charged for going over the data allowance, instead you will just be able to do light browsing (visit websites, check emails, update Facebook status).

Some users have apparently used the MicroSIM in dongles and Mi-Fi routers without experiencing any problems in terms of throttling or termination of service.