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Data Center General Manager Departs Microsoft For Apple

According to media reports, Kevin Timmons, the general manager for data center operations, Microsoft Corp. has left the company and is likely to join Microsoft rival Apple Inc.

Kevin Timmons is known for playing a major role in building the data centers that power Microsoft's cloud operations.

If the rumors are true, this seems to confirm speculation that Apple is aiming to rapidly expand its data centers.

Microsoft CVP of Global Foundation Services Dayne Samson, in a statement issued today, said: “Kevin Timmons, general manager of Datacenter Services, has decided to pursue other career opportunities and is no longer working at Microsoft. We appreciate the contributions he made to Microsoft during his time here.” (

According to reports, Timmons is likely to replace Olivier Sanche, who passed away unexpectedly last November.

Dave O'Hara, who claims to have multiple trustworthy sources at both Google and Microsoft, thanks to his postings in both the companies, disagrees, writing: "The position Kevin is going to fill is not known and is not the position vacated by the departed Olivier Sanche,”. He added, “Olivier’s position has been filled by another data center operations executive.”