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Everything Everywhere Eliminates Fees On Text Message Donations

Everything Everywhere, the company formed from the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, has decided to suspend the fees it charges for text donations meant for UK charities.

The move comes after the Institute of Fundraising launched a campaign against the companies, asking them to discontinue charging fees for text donations.

“We consider this to be an impediment to effective fundraising via mobile text giving, and the institute is now campaigning for Everything Everywhere to change its policy and to end these charges,” the Institute of Fundraising had said in an open letter.

The wireless carrier forwards 100 percent text donations to partner charities but used to charge a fee for text donations for other charity organisations.

In a statement, Everything Everywhere announced that it was suspending the fee for non-partner charities as it performs a review of its text-to-donate services.

“Everything Everywhere makes no profit from the text to donate service, passing on 100 per cent of donations to the vast majority of charities using this service – totalling more than £7m in the past year for UK charitable organisations.” the company said (

The Institute of Fundraising welcomed the move but added that suspending the fees was not the same as completely abolishing the charges.