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FBI Incapacitates Coreflood Botnet

Cyber sleuths over at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have shut down the notorious Coreflood botnet after taking over its command and control servers.

The FBI, who had to procure permission from a US judge, launched a massive assault on the botnet to bring it down, similar to how the Dutch police did to incapacitate the Bredolab botnet.

“The Government obtained a temporary restraining order authorising it to respond to signals sent from infected computers in the United States in order to stop the Coreflood software from running. This should prevent further harm to hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting users of infected computers in the US,” the US Department of Justice said in a statement.

The Coreflood botnet, which had been operational for over a decade, had infected 2.3 million PCs in the US and around the world.

The botnet was used to record keystrokes, which allowed hackers to take over the systems and steal personal information like email username and passwords, online banking and credit card information.

The Feds had logged the IP addresses of the machines infected by the botnet and will order ISPs to notify customers that their PC is infected. The FBI was able to shut down 5 command and control servers that were used by the hackers to run the botnet and has even seized 29 domains that were used by the botnet.