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Google Launches Copyright School For YouTube Offenders

Google owned YouTube video sharing platform has decided to teach infringing users the basics of copyright laws by launching the YouTube Copyright School.

YouTube users who have repeatedly take down notices for the copyright infringing videos uploaded from their accounts will be required to watch a YouTube copyright laws tutorial video, the company said.

“Because copyright law can be complicated, education is critical to ensure that our users understand the rules and continue to play by them,” YouTube said.

Copyright school goers will then have to pass an online test pertaining to the contents of the video tutorial before they are allowed to start uploading videos again.

Earlier, YouTube operated with a three-strike policy. Infringing users had their YouTube account suspended after they received three copyright infringing notices. Now users who pass the test will have their previous infringement track record erased, Google said.

“It’s ultimately your responsibility to know whether you possess the rights for a particular piece of content before uploading it to YouTube. If you're at all uncertain of your rights or whether a particular use of content is legal under your local laws, you should contact a qualified copyright attorney,” YouTube said in a blog post (opens in new tab).

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