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Google Maps First App With Over 50 Million Downloads

Google Map, long one of Google's most popular web services, has become the first Android app to have over 50 million downloads.

Though Google, as usual, has not made any official comment so far about the exact number of downloads, market indicators point towards a total download figure somewhere between 50 and 100 million, making it the most popular application on the online app store, which has over 2 million apps available.

Throughout its evolution the application has witnessed a number major updates including voice-guided advanced navigation system that provides users a very detailed set of instructions, 3D views, and support for Google’s Latitude and Places services ( (opens in new tab)).

It has yet to be confirmed whether update downloads or pre-installations of the app are included in the figure or not, as the app itself comes pre-loaded on almost all of the Android devices.

The Google App store has been competing with Apple's App to offer the highest quality services to help drive sales of their respective mobile phones; no doubt they appreciate having one of their own programs leading the way.