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HP Urges Oracle To Reverse Decision On Itanium

HP Connect, the largest independent HP consumer community, has urged Oracle to reverse its March 22nd decision to drop support for Intel’s Itanium processors from its software.

Oracle had caused uproar by announcing that it will stop making software that run on Intel’s Itanium processors. The company had said that Intel itself is focusing on other server processors.

The chip maker had responded by saying the company continues to invest in Itanium and even plans to launch more processors in the Itanium line.

Itanium is found on a majority of HP servers and around half of Itanium systems run on Oracle software.

"A large contingency of our community is made up of users running HP-UX and OpenVMS on Integrity servers. They are clearly disturbed by Oracle’s decision to stop developing applications for Intel Itanium processors and really hope Oracle will reconsider its decision,” said Nina Buik, chief marketing officer, Connect.

"HP and Oracle customers are now going to have to adjust their business plans and rethink future investments.” she added.

It is apparent that HP is stoking the fire behind the uproar caused by Oracle’s decision as HP’s own line of Itanium servers will be affected if Oracle doesn’t reverse its move to remove Itanium support.