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Kogan Unveils £99 Android-based Apple TV Competitor

The Kogan Agora Internet TV Portal could well be the first ARM-based device that uses Android to stream content to your television set, available for £99 if you buy right now rising to £129, as Kogan uses its dynamic pricing solution to reward those who purchase early.

Sold only online, the Internet TV Portal was launched yesterday and comes with roughly the same specifications as its £89 tablet device except for a few major differences.

They both use the Samsung Hummingbird system on chip which is based on a Cortex A8 architecture and runs at 1GHz (that's the same chip used by the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S), they both have 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, Android 2.2, Wi-Fi, an SD Card reader, HDMI and access to the Android Market.

However, the Internet Portal comes with three USB ports rather than one, an Ethernet port, a 2.4GHz wireless optical sensor remote control, an HDMI cable, the possibility to connect an external hard disk drive and an optional Wireless keyboard and touchpad at a cost of £30.

Having launched both an Apple TV competitor and an Apple iPad 2 rival, the next step for Kogan will be to unveil a smartphone, an ultra portable laptop and a portable media player to take on the iPhone 4, the Macbook Air and the iPod Touch.