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New Cloud Solution From HP Targets Legacy Applications

HP, on Wednesday, introduced its new cloud solution which according to the company will offer better assistance to its clients in transforming their applications to work on the cloud.

The company revealed that the new solution will help to update its old mainframe systems, thus enabling clients to attain more streamlined operations, wider flexibility and greater innovations.

Experts are of the view that the company has chosen the right path by offering a transform in its legacy-applications, as according to them, some of these transformations will eventually allow applications to run on a substitute for the mainframe systems - the HP cloud. And not just that, this transform will also help the company to introduce some much needed changes in its aging data centre.

The senior Vice-President of the company David Shrink made it quite clear that HP is likely to exercise its expertise in the old Cobol applications and other mainframe legacy systems.

In an interview with the press, Shrink disclosed that the ultimate goal for the company is to assist their clients to attain more streamlined operations by moving their newer applications to the cloud.

As of now, the market has reacted quite positively towards these new offerings from the tech giant, reports indicated.