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NFC Mobile Payment Technology Will Feature On One In Five Mobiles By 2014

The NFC mobile payments technology is expected to see substantial growth over the next three years, with one in every five smartphones being NFC compatible by 2014.

According to a research conducted by Juniper Research, by 2014 NFC technology will be in use by around 300 million smartphones around the world.

Google has been citing NFC as the next big thing, offering support for the technology on its Android platform. As of now, only a handful of smartphones, including the Samsung Nexus S, come with mobile payments technology.

Companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Apple and BlackBerry, are also planning on featuring the technology on their smartphone devices and platforms in the coming months.

Juniper Research estimated that countries that adopt the technology at an early stage will lead the growth in the NFC market. The company said that by 2014 nearly half of the NFC smartphones will be in North America with Western Europe not far behind.

“Juniper’s market analysis highlighted that, although there are still hurdles ahead, NFC prospects have been boosted by the succession of mobile operator and device vendor announcements,” Howard Wilcox, who wrote and compiled the report, said in a statement (