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Nintendo Wii 2 rumours ramp up for June release

The Internet is abuzz with rumours that Nintendo will out a second generation Wii console at this year's E3 gadgetpalooza.

Secret sources told US gaming site Gameinformer that the oft-predicted second generation of the toddler and granny-friendly console will be announced in June at the latest, and will sport the same HD graphics capabilities as its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 rivals.

Nintendo caught the competition on the hop with the Wii's mix of simplistic games and motion-sensing controllers, prompting both Sony and Microsoft to develop their own alternatives in the shape of the Move and Kinect controllers.

But now the Japanese gaming giant will have its work cut out to claw back sales, with some suggesting that every Kinect or Move package sold can be directly translated into a potential lost sale for the Wii.

Boosting the Wii 2's technical specifications in line with the current crop of gaming consoles could also make it more viable for third-party developers to move top-flight games onto the Nintendo platform, something that has been a rarity in the past.

There's no indication as yet whether the rumoured release will be backwardls-compatible with original Wii titles, but we'd be highly surprised if Nintendo chose to cut off a whole generation of gamers with the next version of the popular console.

Nintendo is expected to cut the price of the original Wii console to around £100 on May 15th, adding further weight to the possibility of a new launch.