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Sony PlayStation 3 hits 50 million milestone

Sony's venerable PlayStation 3 is still selling well despite having passed it fourth birthday, and has recently reached a major milestone.

The Japanese electronics giant has shipped 50 million of the popular consoles, although technically that doesn't translate directly into sales.

Because of Sony's efforts to thwart piracy, however, its unlikely that the company keeps large inventories sitting around, preferring to ship boxes with the latest firmware releases rather than risk tinkering by pesky hackers.

Sony also announced today that its Move motion sensing controller had also shifted more than 8 million units since its launch in September 2010, which has no doubt boosted sales of the console itself.

Sticking with nice big numbers, Sony and its third party development partners have release 2,128 software titles for the PS3 which have sold 480 million units between them.

The continuing success of the four-year-old console may be great news for the money men at Sony but will be of little comfort for anyone anticipating the release of a PlayStation 4 any time soon.