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Asia-Pacific Hits Stage-3 Of IPv4 Exhaustion Confirms APNIC

The Asia-Pacific region is running out of IPv4 addresses, a report revealed.

The Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), confirmed on Friday that the region (Asia, Australia, and the Pacific) has hit the Stage 3 of IPv4 exhaustion, which eventually implies that the region has finally reached the final /8 block of IPv4 addresses

APNIC has a clear set of rules which state that in the event of a “Stage-3 IPv4 Exhaustion” scenario, it would try its best towards extending the life of the last /8 as long as it can.

Also, upon being fully enforced, this policy will allow no organisation from the region to get more than one block of addresses with the maximum allocation size of (/22).

This policy will also allow the existing, as well as the new networks to obtain IPv4 addresses with the view of assisting them in the transformation process to IPv6.

The Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre has become the first regional Internet registry to exhaust all its IPv4 addresses.

However, the transition process from IPv4 to IPv6 for ordinary consumers should not be anything on the complicated side, unlike the vendors and ISPs, who are much likely to go through severe headache while accomplishing that, claimed a report.