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Best Buy iPad 2 Sales Promotion From Sunday

Best Buy is going to re-start iPad 2 sales from Sunday morning, although there are not thought to be huge supplies. A leaked memo, submitted to Engadget by an anonymous source shows that the disputes between Best Buy and Apple could be over.

There could be just a few iPads for sale on Sunday, but, if you have a reserve order ticket, you could get a better chance, as you will be given priority over other customers. The memo also mentions that “the reserve order system will be turned on for the entire week of the ad, possibly longer.” We can see in the leaked image that Best Buy has “keys” to reduce customer disappoints:

“Work your iPad reserves Matrix report daily; Don’t hold units for customers greater than 48 hours; Don’t send or direct customers to other stories that show they may have inventory available.”

Best Buy’s “Corporate Support Teams” have already been alerted that the sales demand is going to jump over the predictions and surpass stock levels. There is also the alternative of ordering your iPad 2 online, but there is still a two to three week delay, so the best idea if you can't wait would be to go down there yourself and take a chance.