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In-App Purchasing Leads Apple To Court

Apple may find itself in another legal controversy as a man from Pennsylvania drags the California based tech giant into a US Court.

Greg Meguerian, the man responsible for this latest development has filed a legal suit against the company on the issue of practicing in-application transactions, sources revealed.

As reports are indicating, it seems Meguerian had allowed his 9 year old daughter to download a number of free games from Apple’s online store. As reportedly told by Meguerian himself, he was aware of his daughter downloading free games like "Zombie Cafe," "Treasure Story," and "City Story”.

Much to his horror, the complainant discovered a few weeks later that approximately $200 worth games were purchased by his daughter on his credit card, which eventually made him to move to court seeking legal action.

The suit filed by Meguerian in a Northern California district court states (opens in new tab), "Minors 13 and older are permitted to open their own Apple accounts, and minors younger than 13 may purchase Game Currency by using their parents' general Apple password (no special Apple password is required to purchase Game Currency".

Meguerian also highlighted the fact that passwords for in-app purchases and main Apple passwords tend to be the same and hence children can end up purchasing Game Currency without seeking permission from their parents for specific purchases.

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