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iPhone 5 To Be Slimmer With A5 Chip, 8MP Camera?

Apple’s next iPhone could have serious upgrades: A5 chips, improved photo/video capture capacity and should be even thinner. Whilst some of these improvements are specific to previous evolutions (camera capacity and thickness), others are competition-driven.

Important Android-powered devices, such as the Samsung (opens in new tab) Galaxy S II, HTC Thunderbolt or Motorola Atrix, have set new standards, and the iPhone will have to match up to those or be even better. We could see a bigger screen and a slimmer format, as Apple is constantly thinning iPhone versions, from 12.33 mm to 9.3.

The iPhone 5 kernel is also likely to be improved, maybe with iPad 2’s actual A5 chip. Although iPhone 4’s current camera capture quality can’t be put down, an 8 MP rear-facing one would keep it up with the competition. We have more reasons to believe this is going to happen, especially since Sony’s CEO, Howard Stringer, involuntarily dropped a hint along those lines.

Also, Omnivision, iPhone's camera sensor maker, already has the technology needed for this move, though questions remain over its ability to deliver the required volume.

There isn’t an official launch date for it, but as rumors gather, we are slowly starting to guess what the rough shape of iPhone 5 will be. It will follow the previous ergonomic trends established by Apple. Further stimulated by the competition’s speedy improvements, the iPhone 5 has will certainly come with serious built-in updates.

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