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Microsoft Azure To Power New Media Cloud Platform

Microsoft is partnering with media and entertainment companies to develop a media-oriented cloud platform powered by Microsoft Azure.

The company announced during the on-going National Association of Broadcasters show that it will create a new ecosystem for media companies to realise the benefits of cloud computing in their operations.

According to the software giant, media and entertainment companies will be able to lower the IT costs that come with new hardware by moving to the cloud. Cloud computing will give these companies the flexibility to innovate and cut short the time it takes to deliver new media services in the market.

Microsoft said that cloud computing will also let media companies focus on delivering great media services instead of focusing their resources on IT. Using Microsoft’s cloud, media firms will be able to release apps and media services on a global scale.

“The M&E partners working with Microsoft are able to balance multiple applications within a cloud environment because Windows Azure is a technology-agnostic platform. This makes it easier for companies to create, manage, deliver and monetize media on a wide range of platforms and devices,” Jake Winett, director of Media & Entertainment Industry Solutions with Microsoft, said in a statement (