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Microsoft Reveals ERP Moving To The Cloud

Microsoft Corp. is going to offer its Enterprise Resource Planning software services over the internet via the Azure cloud platform, revealed the company.

On the basis of its accomplishments in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, the tech giant from Redmond, Washington announced that upon being launched, the latest “Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions” is going to introduce a whole new path for the ERP clients to transit to the cloud.

The announcement from the tech giant has already drew quite a few eyeballs, for it has been widely speculated that with Azure, the company will be able to offer the ERP services at a significantly lower cost.

The company also revealed that with this move, its clients will have the freedom to move to cloud “on their own terms”.

However, it is believed that the company is not quite hoping for all their clients to embrace the Azure model, hence leaving the room for many “hybrid deployments” too.

Expressing his point of view about this recent move by Microsoft, David Goad, managing director, eSavvy Pty Ltd said, “We see the cloud as a turning point in the market that provides the opportunity to create a new business model geared toward increasing the profitability and agility of our company”.