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Symantec Reports Shortened URLs As Tools Of Crime

Shortened URLs have become a conspicuous tool in the weaponry of cyber-criminals, a recent report has revealed.

The report, published by Symantec Corporation also claimed that last year alone, millions of shortened URL links were advertised on a number of major web-platforms including the social networking websites, with a significant portion of those links resulting in luring the unsuspecting surfers into phishing and malware attacks.

Con Mallon, director of Norton, the consumer online protection brand said in a statement, “We are seeing that people are being tricked and they're clicking on those shortened URLs”.

Mallon continued, "People have become a little more savvy to looking at the URL to see if it really does look like a proper URL from that company or that individual or that website, but I think when you shorten it, it changes the game".

The report also emphasised on the point that with this new strategy, the “dark-forces” of the virtual world are inflicting far more damage than ever before.

Experts are of the view that though shortened URLs has many a time proved itself as an efficient method to keep it simple, users should really pay some serious attention on their associated security risks, before clicking on these links.