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UK Government Approves Web Tracking Claims Report

According to reports, UK government has given its approval for the use of web-tracking technology by businesses.

The reports also revealed that this new regulation should get the final acceptance from the UK Parliament within the given time frame of 25 May by the European Union.

However businesses need not be following these new guidelines for the time being at least, announced the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on Friday.

With these changes being made in the European Union Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, the businesses and organisations in UK must get the approval by the users to access or store cookies on their computers.

However the government is yet to bring in the secondary legislation in front of the Parliament, but it is highly unlikely that the proceeding will exceed the deadline of May 25th.

Earlier in March, the government announced that there might be a short delay in the regulatory enforcement by the ICO, the office of the Information commissioner.

A new working party has also been established by the government for examining the aspect of involving tech companies in writing laws for privacy settings of the browsers.

Multiple organisations including the likes of Apple and Mozilla are also believed to be in the process of introducing “do-not-track” options in their browsers.