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Chinese iPad 2 Resellers Make Almost $400 Per Day

In New York City, if you pass by the SoHo stores, you can see pretty large groups of people waiting to buy an iPad2. They aren’t buying the device for their personal use, but rather to sell it overseas, back to the country where they were originally made, China.

As Nick Bilton (opens in new tab), tech writer from New York Times reports, some of them are making $400 per day on iPad reselling. This is possible as the iPad 2 faces a short supply but a very big demand. Thus, shipping it abroad can turn out to be a real business for some.

This isn’t the first time that such a thing has occurred. The same happened with the iPhone 4 (opens in new tab), back in September. Also, there is information on Twitter that there are other queues of Chinese men at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York: “There's like 100 Chinese people lining up across from the Apple store on 5th Ave! Am I missing any deals for tomorrow?”

This could turn out to become quite a problematic issue and maybe Apple should intevene. Most probably though, they don’t mind the multiple purchases made by a single person. Or maybe someone should tell these people to order online a whole load, and to ship them after two or three weeks.

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