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Google Brings Voice Recognition To Chrome

Google has included a brand new “voice recognition” feature in the latest version of its Google Chrome web browser.

According to the search giant, the new Google Chrome 11 will be equipped with support for HTML speech input API. Google claims that with this new feature, developers will be able to provide web apps, like the Google Translator, the potential to transcribe the user’s voice to text.

“Today, we’re updating the Chrome beta channel with a couple of new capabilities, especially for web developers. Fresh from the work that we’ve been doing with the HTML Speech Incubator Group, we’ve added support for the HTML speech input API,” Google posted on the official Google Chrome blog.

To accomplish this “magical” task, the user only needs to click on an icon, followed by speaking into the computer’s microphone. The recorded audio is then processed to its speech servers, where it is transcribed and then sent back to the user in the form of text.

According to Boy Genius Reports, the feature has already been included in the beta version of Chrome 11.

Experts believe that with these revolutionary new concepts, Google is for sure, bringing a whole new set of dimensions into the world of technology.