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Oracle Says Quits To OpenOffice

Oracle has confirmed the buzz going around about the exclusion of the OpenOffice application suite from its commercial software offerings.

The company announced that the application suite is now being handed over to the open source community while it plans to emphasise more on MySQL and Linux as far its open source efforts are concerned.

Expressing his view on the subject, Oracle Chief Architect Edward Screven mentioned, "Given the breadth of interest in free personal productivity applications and the rapid evolution of personal computing technologies, we believe the would be best managed by an organization focused on serving that broad constituency on a non-commercial basis".

The concept of the OpenOffice was initially developed by Sun with the view of providing an open source substitute for the hugely popular Microsoft Office that would support the ODF format. Later, it became so popular that many a time, even the company’s servers could not handle the huge demand it brought along.

It has been widely speculated that with this move, the death knell of massively popular Sun inspired project has been sounded.

However, Oracle is yet to make an official statement whether it will continue funding the OpenOffice project or not.