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Reports Claim Windows 8 Portable Workspace Allows Running Windows Off USB

It soon may be possible to run the Windows Operating System from an USB drive if reports mentioning the presence of a portable workspace feature in the upcoming Windows 8 operating system are to be believed.

Microsoft’s flagship operating system till date has never officially carried a feature which can allow the software to be booted from a pen drive; however it seems that in its forthcoming version it has included a potent utility that would allow users to seamlessly boot up their operating system from a USB drive.

Currently third party tools do exist that allow you to boot your Windows Operating System from a USB drive, however the performance of many of these tools are not up to the mark and they are often known to cause issues for novice users.

If the portable workspace feature does become a part of the future official release of Windows 8, it is likely to help countless users in effortlessly accessing their system data in the event of crash, which currently requires the use of recovery disks or a recovery partition.

Some experts though argue that such a tool may lead to a spurt in software piracy; however the overall benefits seem to clearly outweigh the drawbacks.