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Apple Creates New Online Forum, "Apple Support Communities"

Apple has finally introduced its new Apple Support Communities social online forum as a replacement of the aging Apple Discussion Board.

According to the company, this new forum adds social networking features that will encourage more interactions among its users, allowing them to help each other.

Apple had already (opens in new tab)announced (opens in new tab)last year in August that there would be an update soon in its online forum which would allow users to make their own personalised profiles, homepages, custom content and more.

Revealing more about the recent changes, the introductory forum post (opens in new tab)states, (opens in new tab)“Apple Support communities provides a wealth of information about your favorite Apple hardware and software products to help you get the most out of your purchase,”. It continues, “you can also help other Apple Support Communities' users by answering their questions."

To join the renovated Apple platform, users need to sign in with their existing Apple IDs, after which they will be prompt to choose a username for the community.

Useful and accurate responses to fellow members’ queries will earn the members reputation points, thus increasing their status level, granting them more privileges within the new Apple system.