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Apple Employees Join "It Gets Better Campaign"

Apple has joined the “It Gets Better” campaign with its employees contributing to the cause by making their own video (opens in new tab).

The employees' video contains encouraging words for lesbian, gay, bi and transgendered (LGBT) kids in schools who go through some really tough time with bullies harassing them for their sexual orientation.

"To finally be open and honest with who I am and what I want out of life, to my surprise, it was probably one of the best things that I had ever done," said one employee."You feel every sense of freedom and every sense of 'this is what life is all about," said another.

The “It Gets Better” campaign took off last year when a college student named Tyler Clementi committed suicide after being humiliated by his roommate, who allegedly recorded and broadcast his sexual activities with another man in their room. People who have faced discrimination for their gender or sexual orientation post videos (opens in new tab)explaining how life gets better after you leave high school and get away from bullies.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment of LGBT students is nothing new, and many similar cases never come to light because the victims and their families are afraid of public embarrassment and further harassment.