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Apple May Be Using Samsung SSD In Macbook Air

According to a report, Apple is including SSD drives made by Samsung in its Macbook Air notebooks.

The MacBook used to come only with Toshiba’s X-gale solid-state drives, but if this report is accurate Apple may be quietly switching to Samsung.

According to the report by AnandTech (opens in new tab), for the last one month or so, the SSDs inside the MacBook Airs appear to be of two different kinds.

The report also reveals that while one of these variation is TS128C, indicating that it belongs to the Toshiba family, the other one carries the model name SM128C.

The model name SM hints towards it belonging to Samsung, creating speculation about a possible partnership between Apple and the Korean tech giant.

According to AnandTech, the SSD with the model name SM128C offers a read speed of 260 Mbps, and a write speed of 210 Mbps, while the TS128C, which is undoubtedly the Toshiba variant, offers a 210MB/s read speeds and 185MB/s write speeds.

The two different models have not been rigorously compared, but it doesn't affect customers purchasing decision anyways: it isn't clear how to distinguish between the two models without opening the machine.