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AT&T / T-Mobile Deal Under US Anti-Trust Watchdog Scanner

The proposed $39 billion deal between AT&T and T-Mobile is under a coordinated review by the US anti-trust watchdog, a recent report revealed.

It has been speculated that with this recent development, there could well be a delay in finalising this mammoth deal, which upon being accomplished; T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG will officially become a part of the AT&T family.

AT&T boasts the biggest wireless network in the country, having around 95.5 million subscribers under its belt. T-Mobile, on the other hand has somewhere around 23 million subscribers and stands fourth in the list.

An official, presumably from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reportedly told The Wall Street Journal on the condition of anonymity: "There's no way the [FCC] chairman's office rubber-stamps this transaction. It will be a steep climb to say the least."

Earlier on Thursday, a Public Notice was issued by the FCC which clearly states that the deal is currently under scrutiny, followed by a Protective Order that outlines, "Procedures to limit access to proprietary or confidential information that may be filed in this proceeding."

It was only a few days back, when AT&T had confirmed that they were going ahead of the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile for an overwhelming amount of $39 billion.