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Australian Government Follow The US On Cloud Adoption

After the US government, the Australian government has also announced its approval of the cloud, advising agencies to move to the cloud if it saves costs and provides adequate security.

According to the Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper, the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) is calling the public, industry representatives and other factions of the government to get on-board with the cloud if it suits their needs.

The government has also established the Cloud Information Community (CLIC), which includes government representatives, which will be responsible for publishing guidelines for the industry and government agencies on how to go about adopting the cloud.

“The Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper states that Australian Government agencies may choose cloud based services if they demonstrate value for money and adequate security. The strategy will enable Australian Government agencies to gain the potential benefits of cloud computing and ensure that sensitive information is not put at risk,” the AGIMO said in a statement.

The government is also in the process of developing a Cloud Computing Framework which will include best practices guidelines, cloud principles, checklists and governance arrangements for cloud computing.

The Australian government will also develop a cloud services provider certification program which will ensure that the cloud services being availed by businesses meet the standards for data and security.

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