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AMNews: Google Defends Panda, Cisco Launches New Data Centre, Oracle Confirms OpenOffice Exclusion

Google has straight away rejected all the charges brought upon it about the recent updates in its much vaunted Panda page rank algorithm system being hostile towards its rivals. The company claimed that it regularly updated its algorithm systems in order to facilitate more refined and accurate search results.

The UK Ministry of Defence has published a classified government report on its website that contained blacked out parts that were unfortunately useless when doing a straight copy/paste. The mistake was discovered by UK newspaper the Dailystar and they alerted the MoD which confirmed that the "schoolboy error" was indeed genuine.

Cisco has finally launched its new data centre in Allen, Texas. As reports suggest, the facility along with one more located some 20 miles away, will provide comprehensive assistance in the operation of a private cloud infrastructure.

Jonathan Foster, the general manager of Spotify in Europe, has explained in an interview with online website, New Media Age, why it has slashed the amount of free music from 20 hours to 10 hours a month. He said that the move was motivated by the large amounts of unsold inventory that were generated those who listened to Spotify for free, something that diluted the overall value of advertising on the service.

Oracle has confirmed the buzz going around about the exclusion of the OpenOffice application suite from its commercial software offerings. The company announced that the application suite is now being handed over to the open source community while it plans to emphasise more on MySQL and Linux as far its open source efforts are concerned.