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Could This Be Real Reason Why Google Called Its Search Algorithm Update Panda?

Officially, Google named the latest update to its search algorithm 'Panda' after an engineer who was identified as a key resource within the search group by none other than Amit Singhal, the "Mr Search" Google Fellow.

Search Engine Roundtable pointed out that it might actually be Navneet Panda, a Google software engineer based in the US, rather than Pranabesh Panda or Antara Panda, both of whom work for Google in India.

But that's probably not the only reason why Google internally called the update Panda. We believe Google chose the name Panda because it gives out some precious clues as to how to mitigate and ultimately take advantage of the latest update.

The favourite food of Pandas is Bamboo, and one way to keep Bamboo plants healthy (and therefore the Panda happy) is to prune them. Pruning a bamboo plant stops rhizomes before they run out of control.

Rhizomes - a favourite of farmers - can be used to grow new plants but if left unchecked can be detrimental to the health of the system itself. Furthermore, pruning the bamboo helps it maintain its attractiveness by getting rid of dead, damaged, small and old unattractive canes once a year.

Without revealing too much, let's say that there's anecdotal evidence that cutting some content from your website (or at least hiding it from the search engine spiders) might be beneficial. Doing the same thing for pages that are automatically generated like index pages (or other links heavy pages) may also help.