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DICE And EA Launch A New Facebook Campaign For BattleField 3

Video game publishers EA and DICE have launched a new marketing campaign for the upcoming Battlefield 3 game on Facebook after their original campaign failed to generate sufficient interest.

The new trailer for the Facebook game Battlefield 3 has already been released, but the publishers have agreed to release the trailer with extra producer commentary if the Battlefield page gets one million like.

The marketing campaign had originally set the million-like mark as a prerequisite for relasing the normal trailer, but when the Battlefield 3 page only made it to about 820,000 likes the game developers decided to release the trailer anyways.

Battlefield 3, the successor to the popular Battlefield 2, will be launched on November 2 for the Xbox 360, PlahyStation 3 and PC platforms. DICE has held back information about the game, releasing just enough to cause a stir.

Gaming sites are already commenting on the destructible enviroment, the attention to detail and the realistic atmosphere. With another half year to work out any gameplay issues, Battlefield 3 certainly has the potential to be a big hit.

Judging by the game play videos, the game will be based somewhere in the Middle-East, with gamers role-playing as US Marines.