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Google Puts Chrome OS On Stable Channel, Major Release Approaching

Search engine giant Google has released its Chrome OS to stable channel, indicating that the web based operating system is almost ready for release.

Google believes that people don’t really need Windows or Mac to do their online chores as everything from gaming, banking and shopping can now be done online, and a browser can provide everything that most people really need from their computers, especially for people who use their computers primarily for entertainment.

The Chrome OS is essentially a sand-boxed Chrome web browser that, with the help of browser extensions and cloud based software, allows users to give up traditional computing and move their activities entirely to the cloud.

Before releasing such an novel OS to consumers, Google released a trial version on Cr-48 laptops that were released to developers. According to an article on The Telegraph (opens in new tab), moving the OS to a stable channel means that the OS is pretty much ready for shipping.

Google is expected to unveil the finished product at the upcoming I/O conference in May. Even if Google's new Chrome OS turns out to be popular, it may be difficult to persuade original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to include the OS on their laptops in place of the more familiar Windows 7.